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  • GenuTrain A3 Knee Support
  • GenuTrain A3 Knee Support

GenuTrain A3 Knee Support



  • Treats osteoarthritis, patellar subluxation, Chondromalacia, patellar dislocation, anterior knee pain, knee instability, Osgood-Schlatter's disease and jumper's knee.
  • Integrated guide in silicone helps patella from shifting out of place.
  • Centers the patella during movement and stimulates the skin receptors and nerve endings in the muscle-tendon transition around the knee to enhance proprioception and decrease pain and swelling.
  • Lightweight, breathable knit optimizes temperature regulation for a cool, comfortable fit.
  • Counteracts patellar malaginment and provides a friction massage on the receptor zones of the knee joint reducing pain and swelling.
  • Anatomically knitted support with knobbed silicone insert around knee.
  • Item Number 083251