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by Myotool



  • Specifically designed to allow patients to self-perform many of the techniques they receive in a clinical setting.
  • The two center knobs are spaced to be aligned with the spinal facet joints and paraspinal musculature.
  • The design of the long axis without projections allows the tool to be used for pumping massage and spinal mobilization.
  • The large endknob is for broader/softer pressure.
  • The small endknob is for specific/deeper pressure.
  • Bi-knobs and tri-knobs allow for a wider variety of treatment pressures and are very effective at treating the plantar fascia and the first rib.
  • The C-shape allows for both hands to be used providing very specific and controlled pressure over the soft tissues and joints.
  • The length of the MyoTool gives the user leverage so that little effort is needed to generate and effective pressure to the treatment area.
  • This Myotool is the ultimate self massaging mobility tool. Its unique design allows anyone to treat any soft tissue, connective tissue or joint with precision and ease.
  • Acupressure and trigger point release; Neural gliding techniques; Soft tissue massage for the spine and extremities; Self segmental spinal stabilization; Mobilization/release of fascia; Assisted stretching
  • Item Number 010580

Brought to you by Impact Physical Therapy, in partnership with Advanced Rehabilitation Systems, Inc.